Volunteer Application for Pagan Pride Day on September 9th, 2017
Thank you for your interest in volunteering! It takes a lot of people to make this event happen, but the tasks are fun and this is a great way to get to know other people while giving back to your community.

Each volunteer will receive a two hour shift assignment. If you are willing to work more than one shift, let us know; there are a lot of opportunities! And please spread the word; we appreciate the help!

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What tasks are you interested in helping with? *
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Are you involved in presenting any workshops or rituals during the event? *
We will coordinate with the event schedule to make sure your shift doesn't conflict with anything else you are doing.
If yes, what are the workshop(s) or ritual(s) you are presenting?
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Do you have a preferred time for your volunteer shift? *
Unless you tell us otherwise, you will receive a single two hour shift starting at one of the times you select on this list. Please choose all the times that would work for you.
Is there anything else we should know when scheduling your shifts?
Are you not able to do heavy lifting? Are you willing to volunteer for multiple shifts? Is there someone you want to work with? Anything you think we should know goes here!
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