IC Area Snow Removal + Supply Request Form
Please complete the form below if you:
 - Need supplies to do your own snow removal
 - Need a volunteer to clear your snow
 - Know of an area that often needs snow removal (bus stops, crosswalks, etc).
Individual residents will be prioritized.

If you are requesting for a public space, please also submit a report to the city. Iowa City Residence can submit a report online at https://www.icgov.org/ICgovXpressInfo or by calling 319-356-5152. You can upload photos to the online form.

If you see a residential property that needs snow removal, please try to talk to them directly and let them know about our services if they need support, or reach out to us at the contact info below and we can try to get in touch with them. We do not want our neighbors facing penalization from the city, that's what we are here for!

If you are requesting service for someone else, please let them know you are doing so and include their contact information if possible. Do not submit a request for someone without their permission.

Please note, we are a handful of community members doing this in our spare time to help out our community, so we cannot guarantee that snow will always be cleared or specify time frames. That said, we will always do our best to get the snow cleared in a timely manner.

This project is not intended for businesses or folks who have the ability/time/financial means to do their own snow removal or pay a company to do so. We trust your judgement on your own ability.

If you have questions/inquiries, email us at iowacitysnowproject@gmail.com or text us at (630) 708-2024
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