Question form for Dung research by Wonderpony
After the examination and receiving the filled in forms Claudia can give an advice for your horse(s).

Remark: After sending the form nothing can be changed anymore. If you filled in something wrong, you can email me at
Name owner/contact person: *
Email address owner/contact person: *
Phone number owner/contact person:
Name of horse: *
Date of taking dung sample: *
On which day did you take the dung sample or are you going to take it?
Horse is housed at: *
(name of stable, town)
Age: *
Sex: *
Breed / type:
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Current weight: *
(in kiligrams)
Body Condition Score *
Please score the horses physical condition. Use the figures below to choose the horses body condition. Note the visibility of the ribs, the roundness of the buttocks (rear view), and fat accumulation on the mane (how hard or supple do they feel).If it is hard to choose one number, you can encircle two numbers.
Body Condition Score options
How is the horse kept?
Click per row what applies to your horse.
24 hours a day
during daytime
at night
few hours a day
other (please describe at Remarks)
In stable
At paddock
Other (please describe at Remarks)
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Is the dung removed?
Please click per row what applies to your horse.
not applicable
5-6 times a week
3-4 times a week
1-2 times a week
other (describe at Remarks)
Other (describe at Remarks)
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Are there other horses kept at the same pasture/ paddock that are younger than 3 years old? *
Does the horse frequently rub its tail? *
(and not the manes!)
Does the horse sometimes have a white powder-like substance on the anus? *
Did the horse recently suffer from (one of) the following diseases? Or other symptoms that could indicate a low(ered) immune system? *
Date of last antiworm treatment:
(If you don't exactly know this, please be as precise as you can and describe at Remarks.)
Name of last antiworm treatment (or the active substance): *
(If you don't exactly know this, please descibe as good as you can.)
Further comments:
Here you can leave all the information that you want to add. Also things that you could not describe in the earlier questions.
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