Guided by Purpose: Author Application
Please complete this form if you'd like to be a contributing author to 'Guided by Purpose', scheduled for publication in March 2022. After you reserve your spot, please note your chapter is due by November 15th.

Limited to 14 authors.
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Modern Lightworkers is passionate about helping people share their unique gifts, which is why we offer publishing opportunities! Our next collaborative book project, 'Guided by Purpose' is now open for submissions.

The book will be published around March 2022 and will be open to anyone across the world.


Become a published author
Extensive editing & formatting provided
Be featured on our website and social media channels
Custom social media images provided for promotion
Low cost book pricing for personal sales & gifts


1000-2500 word submission
Provide Bio & professional headshot
Final chapter submission due November 15, 2021
Participate in social media campaigns
Responding to editing emails within 48 hours
Deposit to hold author spot required


$497 paid in full

Or 2 payments of $265


The book will be published under Modern Lightworkers name and logo. Anticipated publish date is March 2022, but no guarantees are included on publish date. We have the right to delay publishing 30-60 days if necessary. You will be named a contributing author with name and photo on back cover and additional details at the end of your chapter. Submission will be a minimum of 1000 words and a maximum of 3000 words, due by November 15, 2021.

Each piece must be unique, a narrative or true story that has not appeared in another publication. If you need assistance with ideas, schedule a strategy session with Janet, (additional fee required.). Book to be published on Amazon as a paperback print-on-demand, also available in Kindle. Authors will have access to order print copies at a discounted rate of $6.00 each plus shipping fees.

The editing of your chapter will go through several rounds and be sent to you for final approval. Standard editing included. If you require a higher level of editing, our team will contact you with a quote to continue your submission (typically $75-$125.) You will have the option to continue with our process or hire your own editor. Please note if you choose to hire your own editor, you will have a final deadline required with no exceptions.

The administrative cost is $497 per author. Option to pay in two payments of $265 also available or three payments of $180. Failure to send your submission by 11/15/2021 will forfeit submission. Invoices sent via email.


Although open to all men, women, non-binary, etc.
We do not provide refunds should you change your mind about participating. Because we have a team of formatters, editors, designers and proofreaders, your submission is touched many times before publishing.
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