SURVEY for Parents of Millennials
ATTENTION PARENTS OF MILLENNIALS!! Yours is the first parental generation faced with competition from a digitized culture. How to compete with a screen that knows all? How to combat On-Demand Gratification? You’re out there all alone! There are NO MAJOR SURVEYS of the attitudes of parents of millennials. That’s funny, I haven’t interviewed a single parent who didn’t have STRONG feelings! How are you building resistance in your kids to the dangers of digital porn? Resilience in the face of necessary failures? Trust in their futures despite crushing college debt and being diapered in underpaid jobs?

I’d be grateful if you’d cooperate with me on my next book—about Millennials and the Dangerous Gender Divide. Fill out the Millennials Parent Survey – see link below. I guarantee it will stimulate your thinking and maybe start up necessary conversations with your kids. I also promise none of your personal information will be shared without permission. Please include your email. I may call you for a followup phone interview.


Gail Sheehy

Author of “Passages;” “The Silent Passage;” ”New Passages”; “Understanding Men’s Passages”

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