WOMBAT 2018 Performance App
This is the performer app for Wombat 2018. The performance will be on the evening of April 7th. We try to pay all performers but to be considered for monetary compensation we ask that you also sign-up to teach. If this is a deal breaker please message us. The deadline to submit your application is February 19th.
Legal Name of Performer(s): *
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Stage Name of Performer(s):
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Email of Contact Person: *
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Phone Number of Contact Person *
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Preferred Contact Method *
This will be very important closer to the event when we are dealing with money
What prop(s) will be used in this act? *
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What is the approximate length of the act? *
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What performance experience do you have?
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If you have a video of your performance insert it here.
This can be a video of your performance either in its finished or preliminary stage, or of you spinning or of another performance of yours. Preferably the video will have no cuts and will be representative of your performance.
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If you have a YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or other social media you'd like to share with us, please put it here.
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How necessary is a stipend in attending/performing at this event? *
We always try to pay all performers
If requesting a stipend, where are you traveling from?
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Are you free on Saturday, April 7th to perform? *
That's the date of the performance.
Are you free the night of Thursday, April 5th or the day of Friday, April 6th for a dress rehearsal (date and time are currently tentative)? *
Are you also signing up to teach workshops?
To receive compensation we ask that performers also teach workshops.
Anything else we should know?
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Any questions?
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