How have your streaming habits changed in the last year?
The cumulative number of U.S. streaming subscribers doubled over the last two years, thanks in no small part to many people spending a lot more time indoors throughout 2020. There's no denying that more people are watching shows and movies on platforms like Netflix, Disney+, and Hulu because of the ongoing pandemic. But how have streaming habits changed?

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Did you subscribe to any NEW streaming platforms during the pandemic? If yes, which ones?
Throughout 2020, did you watch more new TV shows or shows you already loved?
Mostly new shows
Mostly familiar favorites
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How much do you stream TV shows and movies now compared to before the pandemic?
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Far less than before
Far more than before
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Whether new or old, what were some of the TV shows you watched the most in 2020?
How do you spend most of your time streaming during the pandemic?
How do you think your streaming habits have changed during the pandemic?
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