MVES PTO Directory 2023/24
The PTO would like to collect your email addresses to send you important information regarding events and school activities. This is for PTO emails only, we will not share this information. Emails will be sent out monthly, or before any major events that require an RSVP. 

PARENT DIRECTORY - The PTO would also like to provide MVES Parents with contact information so you may contact each other for activities, playdates, birthday party information, or volunteering. If you choose to publish your information, it would be shared with your child's GRADE only (for example, 1st grade parents will only receive 1st grade parent contact information). 

THIS IS VOLUNTARY. The school cannot give out your personal information to the PTO or to other parents. The PTO will not share your personal information with anyone else. 

We ask that you NOT use this information for direct sales, or solicitation purposes. It is to be used for school or social related activities only. 

Please fill out this form for each child you have at MVES. 
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Do you want your information published in the PARENT DIRECTORY?

Parents who answer "yes" will receive an electronic copy of the directory (for your child's grade only).
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