Register for the NCJD Fall 2021 Session
The Fall 2021 Session will run Aug 16 - Dec 15 with 2-hour practices at LSF (7600 N 70th St) on Mon & Wed 6pm - 8pm. *No practice Mon Sept 6 and Wed Nov 24*

Registration Cost (non-refundable):
New and Established Skaters: $200 if payment received in full on or before Aug 18, 2021.
Established Skaters Only: $105/mo. for 2 months for a total of $210 (due Aug 18, Sep 15 & Oct 13)
(established skaters are those who have completed at least two sessions within the last calendar year)

VERY IMPORTANT - Payment Methods:
DO NOT PAY NO COAST ROLLER DERBY - That is the ADULT league. You must pay No Coast JUNIOR Derby!!!

**Add Skater Name in note/on memo for all payments**

1. Venmo: @nocoastjuniorderby
2. PayPal:
3. (Established Skaters Only) Check - payable to: No Coast Junior Derby (hand delivered by skater)

A late fee of $20 will need to be added to registration total if received after the due date(s).

**Limited Scholarships Available - email for more information**

Accidental Skater Insurance is included in the registration cost.

Waivers & Forms:
All skaters, returning and new, must complete new waivers and form annually in August. All Parent/Guardian in the #1 field below will receive a DocuSign invitation to read, review and sign the necessary waivers and forms. These forms must be completed prior to your skater being able to skate with us. Please sit with your skater to do so as they must agree and adhere to all policies within.

Add the NCJD Google Calendar to your device:

New Skaters/Parents/Guardians: Join NCJD Parents Facebook Page:

Monday, Aug 16, 2021 | 6pm-6:30pm | Lincoln Sports Foundation

Questions: email

Note: The Fall 2021 Session will be a FULL CONTACT session (no COVID-19 restrictions). However, based on JRDA Return-to-Play guidelines, local COVID-19 cases, LPS and DHHS Health Directives we reserve the right to change to this to NO or LIMITED contact at anytime during the session.
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