Service Ensemble Practice Rules & Agreement
Service Ensembles are a student-led group to meet and rehearse outside of class and sectional time. Ensembles are taught and practices organized by the students. The purpose of service ensembles is to teach leadership, teamwork, problem solving, self and group awareness, and charitable action.


1. By September 5th, all ensembles should have arranged one set rehearsal time for each week. Students are responsible for checking schedules for each member of the group (including the schedules of their parents) and find a time in which all members are available. A school day is suggested, however if a group would prefer to have a weekend practice that is fine IF AND ONLY IF it is regularly available for every member. The set day and time of the ensemble rehearsal must be submitted in writing with each member’s signature.

2. The day and time of the rehearsal MAY NOT CHANGE unless every member has one full week’s notice. Changes in rehearsal time must be approved by Ms. Williams. Changes in time should be the exception and rare.

3. Attendance for each rehearsal is to be kept by the section leader and turned into Ms. Williams weekly.

4. Service ensembles are a requirement as per the Band Course Expectations form signed by all students and parents at the time of band auditions. Refusal to participate will result an adjustment of band placement.

5. Problems with behavior or cooperation will be handled by Ms. Williams directly. It is not the job of the student to “discipline” other students.

6. Ensembles must perform in a service venue once per semester. Before an ensemble may perform, they must get cleared by Ms. Williams that the music is prepared adequately. Students are expected to make arrangements for the performance, which must be approved by Ms. Williams. Evidence of the performance is to be submitted to earn credit by means of video, photos, or a form signed by an adult from the venue.

7. Percussionists are excused from service ensembles in lieu of the percussion concerts in the spring.

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