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We deliver Fresh Fish sourced from our farm, the largest in Lake Victoria, within 48 hours

With an integrated supply chain from production to delivery, we can assure you that you are:
- Getting high quality fish with no harmful additives
- Contributing to the local economy
- Supporting our commitment to preserve the environment

The subscription service provides maximum convenience by having ready-to-cook fish delivered to your doorstep

Sign-up once and get the fish you want, cut the way you want, at the delivery frequency you want. Sounds too good to be true? Try it for yourself today!
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Please choose the fish you would like and the delivery schedule. You will receive notifications when your order is processed on the Monday of that week, as well as when the order is out for delivery on Thursday.

You may pay via M-Pesa on or before delivery.

In case you would like to modify your subscription at any time, you may reach us via email at cnegative@victoryfarmskenya.com or whatsapp at +254 793 326 187
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Fish is ready-to-cook: gutted, scaled and filleted, with each fillet weighing ~150g. For Tilapia, whole fish (gutted and scaled) is also available, weighing ~450g per fish. Mixed box also available with half Tilapia fillets and half Nile Perch fillets
Small (4pcs)
Medium (8pcs)
Large (12pcs)
Tilapia (Whole)
Tilapia (Fillets)
Nile Perch (Fillets)
Mixed - Tilapia & Nile Perch (Fillets)
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At the moment, deliveries are made only on Thursdays
Delivery Options (Cost: Ksh 100 per order)
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We are committed to protecting the environment and reducing waste. We recommend choosing the personalized reusable container (reused only for one customer) that is collected on your next delivery. However, if you prefer, we also offer eco-friendly single-use packaging.
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WhatsApp/Call us at +254 793 326 187
Email us at: cnegative@victoryfarmskenya.com
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