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Hello and welcome!

The Story Engine is a deck of 180 story cards that can generate endless prompts for writing, storytelling, art, improv, role-playing and more. Under the same name I've released an anthology of postcard microfiction that features a combination of genres and story formats supported by visual elements.

See the Kickstarter campaign for more details:

During the campaign, teachers and volunteers told me how they planned to use their decks for the benefit of their students or community, or use the postcard stories in the book as examples of how to tell a story or establish a character with just a few words. I was inspired, and with the campaign raising $286,851, I wanted to give back and make more of the deck and book accessible where they could do the most good.

IF YOU WORK WITH A SCHOOL, LIBRARY OR COMMUNITY GROUP that benefits the public and you would like a free deck or book for your organization, please register below. You must be affiliated with the group in some way.

THE FORM IS FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED. The first 100 registrations will receive a free deck with free shipping anywhere in the world, and the rest will be added to a waiting list and still provided with a free digital copy. Recipients will be notified and addresses will be collected at a later date.


Thanks so much for the work you do, and to my incredible backers for their enthusiasm and generosity!
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