Asmodee Demo Team Signup Form
Are you interested in being a part of the Demo Team? Do you like playing games, and want to show others how fun they are? Do you want to be a part of events where board games are played?

As part of the Asmodee Demo Team, you will be hired as an independent contractor per-event to demo board games and assist with special events such as game tournaments.

If that sounds like something you would enjoy, please fill out this form!
Are you a resident of the US and over the age of 18? *
Because of labor laws for independent contractors, we can only hire US residents over the age of 18. If you are filling out this form right now, and you're just not quite 18, please note that in the "other" field, as we'd love to be able to hire you when we can.
Legal name? (Like on your taxes) *
We send you a payment after working for us that does need to be reported on your taxes. So we need your legal name. No nicknames, please!
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How do we contact you?
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For quick contact during events, if needed.
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When we send you things (like payment) for contracted work, we need to know where to send it.
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This will help us match you up with local events.
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What are a few games you like to play? *
Just a few games that you particularly enjoy, or find yourself teaching to people often.
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What are a few of your favorite game studios? *
Fantasy Flight, Catan, Z-Man, etc. - This helps us figure out if there are new games you might be interested in helping out with!
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What types of games do you enjoy? *
This helps us figure out what sort of events you might be interested in!
Any notes for us? (Optional)
Do you have daytime availability? Experience with running game tournaments at your local store? Experience play testing certain games? - Anything that you think is particularly relevant.
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