Dragon Con EF Forums Panelist Application Form 2017
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If we need to call you during the convention, what's the best phone number for that.
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Which panels are you interested on being on?
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How can you make the above panels a positive experience?
pretty self explanatory, (answer for each panel please)
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How can you make the above panels interesting and compelling?
Again, as it sounds, and please be specific.
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What's the origin of your experience with these topics?
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Are you available for emergency panelist fill-in?
if we have a cancellation at the last minute, would you be willing to fill in?
Do you wish to be considered for panels in future years?
If we don't run something this year, but do next year, would you still be interested?
If selected to be a panelist, I agree to show up on time for each of my panels, and also to make a good faith effort to contact EF Forums staff if I am running late for any reason. I will be respectful to other panelists, listen to all EF Forums staff, and comply with EF Forums staff requests. If I do not show up to my panels on time without notice (at least 5 to 10 minutes before the panel) I understand I will either be replaced or removed from the panel. I acknowledge that the EF Forums Track may remove me as a panelist for any reason deemed necessary.
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