Yes - I would like to volunteer for Saratoga has Talent 2015
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Every volunteer (a parent of kids under 18 who would like to volunteer) needs to review the terms and conditions.
Event is set for August 22nd, 2014 at Saratoga Community Center between 6pm and 10pm
This is our 4th year of our annual fundraiser supporting the Saratoga Senior Center
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NOTE: Volunteers do not need to purchase tickets for this talent show

Here are the roles and a description:
****Publicity and Community Outreach TEAM (PRE-EVENT)
TASK: Flyer design, Post flyers in public spots, coordinate posting median banner in Saratoga, Help with ticket sales, spread the word on this event locally in Saratoga and also Silicon Valley
TASK: Need 1 volunteer/shift. Download contestant mp3 files and prepare a playlist for event day on a tablet or smartphone. Coordinate with sound guy and contestants to play from the playlist. Two shifts 6pm to 8pm and 7:30pm to 10pm. Bring your own ipad/ smart phone with the playlist
****Contestant Liaison TEAM (PRE-EVENT)
TASK: Send logistics email to contestants, greet them, Provide information to the contestants, work with Anchors, ensure the spreadsheet (google doc) has all the information needed
****Social Media TEAM (PRE-EVENT)
TASK: Spread the word about this event on Social media, go viral
****Event Guide TEAM (PRE EVENT)
TASK: We have a template, you just fill-in event information and print for the event. Perhaps design flyers for the event
****Sponsorships TEAM (PRE-EVENT)
TASK: Call local businesses in Saratoga requesting sponsorship / gift certificates for the contestants.
Go door to door to local merchants and ask them to donate gift certificates/cards as give-aways for awards.
****Awards, Trophies and Plaques TEAM (PRE-EVENT)
TASK: Coordinate the ordering/hand out of trophies, print certificates for plaques, prepare plaques.
****Event Booth Sales TEAM (PRE-EVENT)
TASK: Get a few businesses to setup booths and showcase their offerings at the event, for a price
****Food logistics TEAM (PRE-EVENT and EVENT DAY)
TASK: Lineup a food vendor. Prefer a food truck or two or a local restaurant. We typically have 2 food trucks and 1 dessert truck. Sometimes we get a restaurant to put up a table and just sell dinner boxes. On the day of the event,
****Setup and Decoration TEAM (EVENT DAY)
TASK: Need 3volunteers/shift. On event day between 4pm and 6pm decorate lobby and stage area. Manage the seating for the day, help setup chairs. Print VIP seating labels and post on chairs.
****Registration TEAM (EVENT DAY)
TASK: Need 3 volunteers/shift. help with event day registration, ticket sales etc. Lead team to monitor doors - check tickets before letting inside. Two shifts 5:30pm to 7pm and 7pm to 8:30pm
**** Off stage Manager TEAM (EVENT DAY)
TASK: Need 1 volunteer/shift. Meet the contestants after they check-in and explain to them the logistics, ensure contestants are linedup for their acts
Two shifts 6pm to 8pm and 7:30pm to 10pm
****Onstage Manager TEAM(EVENT DAY)
TASK: Need 2 volunteers/shift. Manage mics on stage - adjust heights, help move stuff off stage and on stage if needed (like guitars etc)
Two shifts 6pm to 8pm and 7:30pm to 10pm
**** Videos and Editing TEAM (PRE-EVENT and EVENT DAY)
TASK: Need 1 volunteer/shift Create promo videos, before and after. Capture videos on event day. Bring video camera, power strip and at least 16GB card with you for the recording
Two shifts 6pm to 8pm and 7:30pm to 10pm
****Photo TEAM (EVENT DAY)
TASK: Lead team to: capture pictures at the event
**** OnStage Anchoring (EVENT DAY)
TASK: Anchor the 5to12 and 13+ segments
****Director Volunteers (EVENT DAY)
TASK: Manage the volunteers for the evening, print volunteer badges, have it ready in volunteer holders for the volunteer team, explain to them the tasks
**** Score Tabulation TEAM (EVENT DAY)
TASK: Need 2 volunteers/shift. Tabulate scores that the judges provide. Bring your laptops, scoring template provided. Bring charged laptops with you for tabulating scores
Two shifts 6pm to 8pm and 7:30pm to 10pm
**** Judges Liaison TEAM (PRE-EVENT and EVENT DAY)
TASK: Meet judges and answer any questions for them. Print judges rating sheets - we have the template for you. Hand out judges rating sheets, collect from them and hand over to tabulation team. Create goody bags and thankyou gifts for judges based on gift certificates we collect from Saratoga businesses.
****Teardown TEAM (POST EVENT)
TASK: Need 4 volunteers. Tear down at the end of the event. Single shift 10pm to 11pm
**** DJ / Sound system for event (EVENT DAY)
Manage the sound for event day
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