SSQBio Application Assistance Program (AAP) Registration
The Systems, Synthetic and Quantitative Biology (SSQBio) Application Assistance Program (AAP) is a volunteer-student run program meant to assist eligible applicants to the PhD program for the admission process beginning in fall of 2020. We understand that depending on their current position and institution, applicants to SSQBio may have differing levels of support available when applying to graduate school. The goal of the AAP is to ensure all applicants to SSQBio have sufficient resources and guidance while applying to the grad program.

The AAP is available to students from groups traditionally underrepresented in the sciences, including but not limited to: under-represented minorities, first-generation college students, socioeconomically disadvantaged students, LGBTQ+ students, and students with disabilities. Eligible applicants to the AAP will be matched with a current student mentor. Mentors will provide feedback on application materials as well as answering any questions about graduate student life in SSQBio. For general inquiries about the SSQBio program please fill out this form ( to send questions directly to current students or contact Program Administrator, Elizabeth Pomerantz ( We provide these avenues for assistance because it is normal to have questions about the program and the application process, and we are excited to connect with you!

Participation in the AAP is not a guarantee of admission nor is it considered by the admissions committee during the admissions process. Current students are not consulted by the admissions committee, and any information shared in the mentor-mentee relationship will be kept private between mentees, mentors, and administrators of the AAP. Mentors will provide feedback drawn from their own experience in applying to and being a part of SSQBio.

Applicants to the AAP will be matched with student mentors on a rolling basis starting in October 2020. In order to provide feedback before the December 1st, 2020 SSQBio application deadline, new matches will not be made after November 1st. This is a pilot program beginning in fall 2020. Depending on the volume of applications to the AAP, there may be a delay in response or a cap placed on the number of participants. Eligible applicants to the AAP must currently be in the process of applying to PhD programs and can apply to the AAP through this form.
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