Language expertise among Entity System developers
If you use an Entity System in your gamedev projects, which language do you use for your gamedev? And what other languages are you equally skilled in - but don't use (perhaps because there's no game-engine for it, or ... etc)?


Please feel free to share the link - the more people that respond, the more useful for anyone working in ES development.

( if you want more research about Entity System design, development, and usage, I'm writing in-depth articles at )
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Background: which languages are you competent in?
COMPETENT = you could write a program tomorrow without having to re-learn the language. It won't be perfect, but it'll be good enough. It may have bugs, but you'd fix them easily just by looking at the error messages, and MAYBE a quick google for some syntax you'd mis-remembered.
Using in ES: which language do you use when working with an Entity System?
(if you're not using an ES right now, put the last one you used with an ES - or "none" if never written a game using an ES)
Creating / maintaining an ES: If you actively contribute to an existing ES, or wrote your own, which is the main language you contribute to?
Wishlist: which language(s) do you WISH you could use an Entity System with?
(and can't right now either because there's no good ES for it ... OR ... because your game-engine of choice doesn't support that langauge)
Reality: what language(s) does your current game-engine support?
(e.g. Unity sort-of supports two: C# and Javascript. e.g. Unreal supports two: Blueprints and C++)
Wishlist: what language(s) do you WISH your current game-engine supported?
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