IGF2019 Best Practice Forum on Internet of Things (IoT) - Big Data - Artificial Intelligence (AI)
-> Introduction to the BPF

The Best Practice Forum (BPF) IoT-Big Data-AI is an intersessional activity leading into the IGF 2019 Annual Meeting (25-29 Nov, Berlin, Germany). The BPF allows for stakeholder exchange on policy challenges and best practices related to the use of IoT, Big Data and AI in an Internet context.
Participation is open, all interested in the BPF IoT-Big Data-AI are invited to subscribe to the BPF mailing list and join the BPF’s virtual meetings (details on the BPF webpage).

In addition to your responses, you’re encouraged to engage in the BPF’s ongoing discussion leading to IGF 2019.
For further questions, or for any additional input beyond your survey response, please contact
bpf-IoT-BD-AI@intgovforum.org .

-> Introduction to the survey:

The purpose of this survey is to help the BPF with defining policy challenges pertaining to the use of IoT-Big Data-AI and collecting best practices related to addressing these challenges.

-> Important note
The BPF is focussing on the use of IoT, Big Data, and AI in concert in an Internet context (for example where AI is applied on data collected by IoT devices, or on users’ data collected by social platforms). Please keep this in mind when replying to the survey.

-> Survey deadline:

Input received before 15 September 2019 will be included in the draft BPF output document.

[ if you prefer to reply by email:
* download the questionnaire here http://bit.ly/2JVwnOP and submit to bpf-IoT-BD-AI@intgovforum.org ]
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