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Looking for a special experience with art for your kids?
Where kids can learn about art and make art together by instruction in drawing, painting, sculpture and mixed media. Classes include art tour and interactive exercise to look at original works of art from K11 Kollection and special exhibitions. At the end of the modules, kids will also be guided to present their final work with stories.

• Encourage appreciation for artistic works
• Develop creativity and personal style
• Express through art
• Presentation skills
• Train to focus the eyes, mind, and hands as kids venture through the surreal with simple drawing techniques

Kids aged 4 to 7
Conducted in English
Certificate will be awarded upon completion of each theme
Opportunity to showcase work publicly


• 培養鑑賞藝術的興趣
• 發展創造力及個人風格
• 以藝術表達自我
• 培訓表達技巧
• 通過想像與創作技巧,訓練對眼睛、頭腦和雙手的運用

Mixed Media and Paper Craft 混合媒體和紙藝

Jan - Mar 1月-3月
Geometric Sculpture Zoo 幾何雕塑動物園
19/3, 26/3, 2/4 (Sun日)
14:30 – 16:00

From paper relief to free standing sculpture, kids will study on the technique to create tactile craftworks and decorate them into their own style. They will learn to assemble geometric shapes to create their dream hats, animals, or even castles!

Skills 技巧
• Technique in building paper craft 紙工藝技術
• Assembling skill 組裝技巧
• Rhythm of forms and shapes 形態與形狀的節奏

Final Works完成作品:
19 Mar – Relief collage on cardboard 紙板上的浮雕拼貼
26 Mar – Free standing cardboard sculpture 紙板雕塑
2 Apr – Free standing cardboard animal sculpture 紙板動物雕塑

Art Tour藝術品導賞:
Captain 躍馬, by Deborah Butterfield
Profile of Art Instructor 導師介紹
Ms. Virginia Lo 盧文謙老師

Visual Art Lecturer

Over 15 years teaching experience in Western painting, Chinese painting and Contemporary
Art theory to students of various age groups
超過15年針對不同年齡學生的教學經驗 - 西方繪畫,中國畫以及當代藝術理論

Master of Fine Art, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University

Details 詳情
Venue 地點
chi K11 art space, B2, K11, 18 Hanoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
尖沙咀河內道18號K11 B2層chi K11 art space

Fee 學費
- 1 Class / 1堂: HKD350
*K11 Artist Klub Members OR Klub 11 會員: HKD 280

- 1 Art Module /1個藝術單元: HKD 840
*K11 Artist Klub Members OR Klub 11 會員: HKD 670

- 3 Art Modules /3個藝術單元: HKD 2,270
*K11 Artist Klub Members OR Klub 11會員: HKD 1,890

For all first-time applicants首次參加此課程的學生
- Application Fee: HKD 20
*HKD 10 for K11 Artist Klub Members K11 Artist Klub會員只需HKD 10

- Learning Kit學習套裝: HKD 150
*Join K11 Artist Klub Family Membership to get this for FREE 加入K11 Artist Klub家庭會籍可免費獲得
Referral 轉介優惠
Refer a friend to join a full module to get one single class free! 推薦朋友參加一個單元,便可獲得免費單堂!

Remarks 備註:
- Both of you have to enroll in at least 1 module推薦人或其朋友皆需報名至少一個單元
- If you are referring someone, you can enjoy the discount only after your friend has successfully made the payment推薦人只能在朋友的付款完成後才可享受優惠
K11 Artist Klub – Family Membership家庭會籍
• Annual Fee年費: HKD 500

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• 2 Free Art Workshops (1 redeem must be used for Kollection Lab)
2次免費工作坊 (其中一次必須是Kollection Lab的課堂)
• Special Offer for Workshops 所有工作坊可享優惠
• Free Learning Kit免費獲得學習套裝

Details 詳情: http://www.klub-11.com/artistklub/index.aspx
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Sculpture雕塑 (Apr - Jun)
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