Harlon City Server Helper application
This is the application for becoming a Helper on Harlon City Server. As a helper, you help other players if they have any questions, find any bugs or something similar.

Requirements to apply:

- You must speak good English.
- You must be able to take the server seriously and are able to represent the server in a professional way.
- You like to help other people.
- You are ranked Resident or higher
- You are fairly active and are able to come online on a regular basis.
- You already have knowledge about the server, so you know how to answer many common questions (Ex; "Where can I buy food?" or "Where is the train station?")

Please answer all questions thoroughly, if you only answer with a sentance or two there is a very low chance that you will pass.

Please be aware that this application progress takes part in two stages. If you pass this one, you will get to do an interview via Discord DMs with either Antlucl or Optimized_, after which they decide if you pass or not.

The application process may in total take several weeks from when you sent in your application to when you are notified to wherther you passed or not, so please have patience and do NOT spam ask when your application will be reviewed.

Also note that your behaviour on the server prior to sending in your application will be taken into account. Ex: If you already help players and are active, and are a member/contribute of the community, you have a higher chance of passing.
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Minecraft username *
Discord username (Including tag) *
What timezone do you live in? Answer ONLY in UTC+/- please. *
How long have you played on Harlon for, and what made you join? *
What makes you stand out compared to other applicants? *
What makes you think that you would be a good helper? *
Information regarding the next question
This is the main question of this application, and you are thus expected to answer it very thoroughly. Examples for a project could for instance be to replace all outdated elevators on the server with new functioning ones. Please do not however submit projects that include building new train lines and similar, or the example from above.

Preferably, given the proximity of the launch of NH, projects submitted would preferably be a server-wide one or one for NH; and not one only related to the current HL world.

You are expected to write very thoroughly on the following question, 20 sentences minimum. 1-5 sentence answers, as on all other questions, will not work if you wish decent odds of being accepted.

N.B! Common things that are already submitted in this question is to fix issues with elevators/metro, so please do not write that as your proposal.
What do you see as a major issue with the server as it is right now, and what would you do to fix it? If accepted as Helper, you would be responsible for planning and introducing this or another project within your first 2 months as Staff. *
Permissions which you get as Helper
As Helper, you will get several new permissions, such as tpa in order to get to people. However there are also some more important ones, which you must use correctly. As a Helper, you are allowed to issue warnings and mute/kick/tempban a player. This is something that you must do in a very good way, and if you miss-use this there will be severe concequences.

Usually what punishment is given for breaking the rules depends on the situation, but most commonly it may start with a warning if it isn't so severe (such as minor spamming).

If you do kick or temporary ban a player, you must provide a valid reason and evidence to Admins as why you did it. If the Admins also find the offence serious, they may turn the tempban into a permanent ban.

More information as what to do in certain situations will be briefed to you if you pass.
How would you represent the server in a proffesional way? (Ex; don't have a bad reputation on other servers, not using caps lock and treating everyone with respect etc) *
On a scale of 1-10, how active are you each week? *
On a scale of 1-10, how much do you know about the server? *
Tell us some things that you know about the server, that would be useful to know if you were to be a Helper. (Ex; how to find food) *
How much do you know about the Essentials plugin and how to use it on a scale of 1-10? (The plugin which you issue mute/kick/bans in, tp etc) *
Tell us some things which you know about Essentials. *
Tell some things about what you believe is important to do if you are a Helper. *
Do you have any experience from other servers/games on being a staff member, and if so what was your role? (Leave blank if you do not have any other experience)
Do you have experience in any other fields that could be useful to have knowledge in as Staff on a Minecraft server? *
If you ticked any of the boxes above, please describe your knowledge in the subject and give examples. If you selected "None", please skip this question.
I accept the rules of Harlon City Server, and I also know them well so that I am able to enforce them as a Helper. *
Special rules applying for being a Helper
1. You treat players with respect, and represent the server in an orderly and profesional way.
2. You should not treat certain players differently from others because you know them irl or have been in a fight with them unrelated to the server (and thus give them harsher or softer punishments etc)
3. You use your powers to give warnings, mute, kick and temporary ban people in a good way, and send evidence to Admins if you kick or ban someone, and a valid reason for muting or giving someone a warning.
4. You also do not mis-use your other permissions which you get as a Helper.
5. Respect players and be open-minded. Do not act rudely to a player because they told you something which you personally don't like (very weird example: someone says "I like icecream" and then you get mad because you don't)
6. You follow instructions from other staff members (Moderator+) on what to do, and if you are unsure about something you always ask someone before issuing a warning or muting someone etc.

More information about what to do will follow if you pass the application.
I accept the rules for being a Helper. *
The following questions are different types of scenarios which you may encounter as a Helper.
In the answer, please tell us how you would handle these different types of scenarios.
A player starts to write offensive words in the chat. What do you do? *
Someone threatens to hack. What do you do? *
A person asks in the chat "When is the next train coming?", but before you have time to answer another player rudely answers "Can't you read?". What do you do? *
You find out that someone is being bullied by another player on the server (in-game). What do you do? *
A player spams another player with personal questions about their irl life, such as "How old are you?", "What's your name?" and "Where do you live?". What do you do? *
What year did Harlon open to the public? *
Is there anything else you would like to add?
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