DBYC Middle Island Regatta 2017
Event Timing: Saturday & Sunday, Nov 18/19 2017
Please submit entries by 1700 hrs on Monday 13th Nov. Entries received after this date will be considered as Late Entries. Late Entry Fee is $ 250 per Race.
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Do you Have WhatsApp On Your Phone ? as some L-Notice/Race Declarations may be sent on this medium.
Participating in Race 1, HKPN . DB-Middle Island Sat 18th Nov *
Participating in "COA Sai Kung-Middle Is. Sat 18th Nov" - Annex F in Sailing Instructions
Participating in Race 2 , Pursuit. Middle Island - DB Sun 19th Nov *
Berthing Required at Middle Island *
Number For Middle Island Buffet Dinner Sat 18th Nov (HK$410 Person) *
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Number For Middle Island Breakfast Sun 19th Nov (HK$80 per person) *
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By submitting this form to enter the DBYC Middle Island Regatta I agree to comply with the DBYC Sailing Instructions and all safety requirements contained therein. *
Race Entry Fees : HKD $ 440 ($220 per race )
(** Sai Kung Boats - need only pay 1 x $220 for the Saturday 18th Race Entry Fee, Berthing and Dinner/Bkft Still Apply)
+Berthing Fee Middle Island $ 250 (*if req'd)
+Dinner/Breakfast (as above )
Please transfer monies to HSBC account number 571-129402-001 and submit Transaction Reference Number.
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