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Thank you so much for your interest in working with me! I am going to get to your application ASAP. 
Please allow me 24 hours to review your response and get back to you!
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What have you tried in the past to reach these goals? 
Why are these goals important to you? What's motivating you to make them NOW?
I personally review each application and only work with a select number of people at a given time. Why do you feel that we will be a good fit to work together?
Describe your current weekly workout routine?
Describe your current eating habits (full meals vs snacking. What foods do you eat/not eat. etc.)
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How would you describe your quality of sleep?
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I'm ready to give YOU all of the tools to success, but I only work with women who are highly coachable and ready to do the work. Can I count on you to be an action taker?
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If we both decide it's a 'YES' to work together, the investment options start at $197 per month. Are you prepared to make that investment if it means reaching all of the goals you've shared? *
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