Self Scanner For You and Your Business
Welcome to the Scan Exercise Form.

Use this form to participate in the highly recommended comprehensive self and business scanning exercise, to get qualified for meeting your core capital raise, investment and credit acquisition needs supported on FrotBanks platform.

That is my ingeniously designed virtual hub and digital assets development portal for supporting you, if you will let me.

Perhaps you won't mind the inconvenience, as I recommend the quick use of this research instrument known as "Self Scanner For You and Your Business" (SSFYAYB).

This financial research, survey and technical business intelligence instrument was designed to help you profitably navigate your way out of the fundamental problems of every business, when you activate Your scan exercise successfully, here.

You will be inducted to know "How I do What You COULD", As well as "What I do that you can," regarding solving your identified financial problems.

As such, you will be automatically admitted into my school of "Independent Business Financing Education", where you will graduate in 26 days, benefitting not just any type of academic certificate, instead, you'll graduate with funds directly logged into your account with a certificate of ownership.

You can then lay claims to this financial asset bequeathed to you by me and my financing team, by judiciously using the funds, as capital for your development projects, growth and expansion plans, to improve your work, life and business performance.

At this juncture, you will need to know about me as the creator of this instrument, so I invite you to Get started on this journey to a successful capital raise, investment and credit acquisition destination and achieve your desired financial goals, quickly.

Proceed now to access this scientific instrument to get to know me better at once.

Get started to gain access to the scan exercise here, after which you will return to take action approximately on my solution hub, via this URL:

I am Francis Bestman Isugu, Founder,
FDAD Financials (FrotBanks)

I'm resident at 464 Ikwerre Road, Rumuokwuta, Port Harcourt, RV. 500272, NG.,

My Laison Office is at: FEMFIC Limited RC. 1409634, 20a, Ada George Road, by Okilton bus stop, Port Harcourt, and
My Financing Coordinate Headquarters is at 608-09 One Island South No 2 Heung Yip RD., Hong Kong, China.


Will you also want to know more about me and see if you're able to visit me because I am not out of reach?

I take it that "Yes" here means we are not far from each other because you agree that I am reachable. That's fine!

A bit of introduction about me here, before I proceed....:

I am here as your financial consultant and corporate investment advisor, business development strategist and assets management professional.

I am passionate, enthusiastic and deeply interested in supporting individuals as you and businesses like yours.

I assume that you might be confronted with one of three core problems of critical concern, which I think you might be struggling with already, and could be affecting your personal growth, pleasure and satisfaction in business.

If any of these problems is peculiar with you, then chances are that you might not even know who to approach with confidence and trust, to assure you of success when trying to solve it.

Would you like me to expose these problems and scan you and your business here, to know which of the problems might be affecting you already, and help you find a way forward, if you are currently trying to solve them already, assuming you could have identified these problems in your business as we speak now. Should I start the quick scan procedure now? If yes, then proceed to give the correct responses.
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