DLT Teacher Scholarship Application
Objective: To provide Dairy Leaders of Tomorrow teachers the professional development opportunity to attend an educationally-focused conference or workshop.

1. Must be educators enrolled in and have taught Dairy Leaders of Tomorrow curriculum.
2. Must have at least 1 student who has taken and passed the introduction to Dairy course and at least one of the certification exams and courses after January 1, 2020.
3. Must complete this application as well as submit 1 letter of reference to Michelle Shearer at mshearer@centerfordairyexcellence.org.

Up to 3 Dairy Leaders of Tomorrow teachers will be awarded this scholarship each year and will cover up to $1,000 in expenses. The scholarship will cover the costs of:
•Coach Airfare or Mileage (at CDE mileage rate)
•Conference/workshop Registration
•Hotel & Lodging Expenses

Deadline: Apply by July 1, 2021
Note: Those who are selected will be notified no later than July 15th, 2021
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Narrative Response
Address the following areas in a narrative of 1,000 words or less:
1. Overview: brief description of your agricultural education program and the community in which your program exists
2. Teaching Philosophy: your personal teaching philosophy
3. Instruction of Dairy Leaders of Tomorrow: examples of how you have utilized the Dairy Leaders of Tomorrow curriculum in your classroom instruction
4. Experiential Learning: examples of your accomplishments in getting students involved in dairy related learning such as supervised agricultural experience programs, cooperative education and internships
5. Partnerships with Dairy Industry: examples of your relationships with dairy partners who have the capacity to support your agricultural education program
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