Global Citizenship Energy Quiz
All answers can be found on our Green Schools notice boards.
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How many people are hungry in the world today? *
Who does Lauren Wright work for? *
Which of these hobbies is not one of Paul Finches? *
Finish this quote? "Before you finish eating breakfast in the morning you've depended on..." *
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Who ran the energy workshop? *
How many members are on this years Green Schools Committee? *
What percentage of people eat food grown locally? *
How many people think they don't have anything in common with people living in a poorer part of the world *
What is the first line of our Green Schools code? *
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When was Lauren Wright's visit? *
Which of these products is not Fair Trade? *
How many people do not know what Climate Change is? *
What is Goal No. 1? *
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Complete the phrase Reduce Reuse *
What is the missing goal? *
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What percentage of students walk or cycle? *
How many Goals are there? *
Last year Hunger Heroes Day was filmed by *
How many countries are linked to our school? *
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What percentage of our school buy fair trade products? *
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