B State Arts Advocacy Survey Digital
Would you please share your thoughts about where you stand or might stand
with regards to state-wide arts advocacy efforts. For more information, to request survey results,
or to participate in future advocacy meetings, contact us at artsga@artsgeorgia.net
1. To what extent are you or your arts organizations actively engaged in arts advocacy? (check all that apply) *
2. To what extent have you or your staff had arts advocacy training? (check all that apply) *
3. Where do you see the biggest challenge with regards to arts and culture policy? *
4. How would you rank efforts to develop better arts-related public policy in Georgia? (1 being most important, 6 being less important. Only one response per item) *
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Column 2
Column 3
Column 4
Column 5
Column 6
Establishing an arts and culture legislative caucus in the Georgia legislature
Budgetary increase in per capita state arts funding
Establishment of dedicated funding sources for arts and culture funding, i.e., income tax check off, hotel/motel occupancy tax, etc.
State and city-level long-term master plan development
Technical assistance for long-term organizational sustainability
Shared promotional and marketing efforts
5. Where do you traditionally obtain your arts advocacy information? (check all that apply) *
6. What communication channel or platform do you receive or distribute information through the most? *
7. Are you a member of any of the following arts advocacy groups? *
8. If you are not already active, are you able and willing to become active in advocating for the arts for the betterment of arts-related public policy? *
9. Would you attend a statewide Arts Advocacy meeting? *
10. Do you have other suggestions or comments as it relates to this endeavor?
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For more information, to request survey results, or to participate in future advocacy related meetings, please contact us at artaga@artsgeorgia.net
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