Educonnects(爱纳) Chinese Immersion After School Program (EduCIASP)
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EduCIASP offers children of various levels, a natural environment to learn and surround themselves around Chinese language and culture. We offer introductory, beginner, and intermediate level Chinese classes with a low 8:1 student teacher ratio. For children who have not been exposed to the Chinese language, daily language immersion is an excellent opportunity for them to hear Chinese sounds spoken from native speakers and to pick up every day phrases and understanding of the Chinese language.

EDUPANDA offers Mandarin classes for young beginners, in particular non-heritage speakers from ages 5-8. The primary goal of this course is to build a solid foundation for learning Chinese as a foreign language and to develop students’ long-term interest in the language.The course is designed to emphasize the development of communication skills in listening and speaking. Moreover, it will teach students to recognize and read the basic characters of the Chinese language. It will teach students to write in Chinese, utilizing a step-by-step approach that places particular emphasis on stroke order, radicals, and simple characters. In addition to reading and writing, the course will incorporate songs, games, arts-and-crafts, and other hands-on activities that have been carefully designed and integrated to promote students’ language learning.


Approximate SCHEDULE:

3:40 pm ~ Arrival & Pre-work
4:00 pm ~ Chinese Language Lesson
5:00 pm ~ Chinese Culture/math Enrichment Class
6:00 pm Pickup


The EduCIASP program follows the MCPS school calendar and the MCPS inclement weather school closing policy. If MCPS cancels school, EduCIASP is closed. Due to emergency situations, if MCPS cancels school sponsored after school activities, then EduCIASP will also be closed. EduCIASP also do not open on every early release day.


All students Register After May 28th, 2020

5 days/week (Monday - Friday): $375/month
4 days/week (Any Four days)​: $360/month
3 days/week (Any three days): $340/month
2 days/week (Any two days): $260/month

Transportation fee if your kids need school bus transport to the different school:

5 days/week: $50/month
4 days/week: $40/month
3 days/week: $30/month
2 days/week :$20/month
Session: Fall & Spring Session
Time: Once per week with one and half hour class
Tuition: $450 for Fall ( 22.5 hrs )& $720 ( 36 hrs) for Spring if you register and pay full amount before June 9th for Fall or Before Dec 9th for the spring, 10% discount will be applied.
Address: Where is close to you.
Age: 5-14
Time: After School/twice each week/ Each class is one hour.
Tuition: Discount Price: $350/Regular Price: $400/16 classes/8 weeks/ per session
Address: At your home school.
Non-refund Registration fee once per year except Chinese for the Beginner
$40 Per Student
$70 Per Family
Please send your one month deposit with registration fee to below address to secure your spot.
Please send your paycheck before May 28th, 2020 as Pre-registration benefit to :

Education Connects,
P.O. Box# 1372
Clarksburg, MD 20871

Please Contact Amy at 240-481-3382 or email at if you have any question.
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