MGHS A+ Schools Agreement
NOTE: This application must be completed and approved during the four (4) years the student is in high school. The record keeping of the 50 hours of unpaid tutoring must be done by the Mountain Grove High School student after this contract has been filed.   Student must sign up no later than the last day of the Fall Semester of their Senior year.

I wish to participate in Mountain Grove High School’s A+ Schools Program. Assuming state and local funds are available, and Mountain Grove maintains A+ designation, I will receive reimbursement for any unpaid balance of the cost of tuition, after federal post-secondary financial assistance funds have been applied. This agreement is on the condition that I meet all the following requirements:

1.   Attend a designated A+ school for two consecutive years prior to high school graduation.                      
2.   Graduate from high school with a grade point average of 2.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale
3.    Have at least 95% (not rounded) attendance record for high school.                                                                
4.   Perform 50 hours of supervised tutoring of students during the last 2 years of high school.
5.   Maintain a record of good citizenship and avoidance of the unlawful use of drugs and/or alcohol. (Drug      Test Consent Form MUST be filled out and turned in)
6.   Proficient or Advanced score on Algebra I EOC, or meet alternative eligibility requirements which are subject to change.
7.   Make a good faith effort to secure federal post-secondary student financial assistance funds.

Financial incentives will be available for a period of four years after graduation. To retain this eligibility, students must meet additional requirements set by the Missouri Department of Higher Education.

If the state of Missouri is unable to fund this program, this agreement is void.

I have read, understand, and agree to the A+ Program guidelines and requirements.
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I have read, understand, and agree to the A+ Program guidelines and requirements. *
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A+ Program Citizenship Agreement
Students participating in the A+ Schools Program must maintain a record of “good citizenship” to qualify for post-secondary financial assistance.  Good citizenship is demonstrated by respect for school, community, and self.  Any student who participates in the A+ Schools Program must be a creditable citizen and be judged so by the proper school authority certifying the list of students for participation. A student whose character or conduct reflects credit upon him/herself and/or his/her school is considered a creditable citizen and is therefore eligible to participate in the A+ Schools Program.  His/her conduct shall be satisfactory in accord with the standards of good discipline.  

Requirement 5 listed in the guidelines and regulations states that students will maintain a record of good citizenship and avoidance of the unlawful use of drugs (including alcohol.)

In an effort to set forth the parameters of good citizenship, Mountain Grove High School A+ Program participants should understand that the following guidelines will be followed in establishing good standing:

Activities within the school setting are an important part of determining good citizenship.  Students are expected to demonstrate patterns of good behavior that include, but are not limited to; cooperation, respect for oneself and others, responsibility, and leadership.  Poor school citizenship resulting in an out-of-school-suspension (OSS) will result in the following action:

OSS (excluding tardies)                         1st Offense  -        A+  Probation
OSS (Drugs/Alcohol/Safe Schools Violation)         1st Offense  -        Not Eligible for A+
OSS                                         2nd Offense   -        Not Eligible for A+
Expulsion                                         1st Offense  -        Not Eligible for A+

Good citizenship outside of the school setting is of equal importance.  Therefore, any actions for which legal information is available to the school district will be used in evaluating the citizenship of the applicant as follows:

Misdemeanor 1st Offense - Not Eligible for A+
Felony         1st Offense - Not Eligible for A+

The following process is used by students/parents to appeal decisions that may affect the student’s A+ qualification:

In the event that an applicant is not able to meet the requirements and becomes ineligible for the A+ financial incentive, the student and/or parent has the right to appeal.  In cases of appeal, the student must notify the A+ Coordinator in writing of her/his intent to appeal by May 1 of the year of their graduation (with the exception of Attendance as that must be requested within 30 days of grading period with the days in question).  

For incidents declaring ineligible after May 1 of their graduation, an appeal must be filed no later than one week after graduation.  The A+ Coordinator shall then convene a meeting of an Eligibility Committee for consideration of the appeal within 10 days.  The committee shall consist of 1 Building Administrator, A+ Coordinator, and MGHS Counselor.  The committee will hear the appeal and return its decision to the student within five days of the meeting.  The student or the student’s parents/guardians may appeal expulsions from this program, in accordance with written district procedures, to the Board of Education or to a committee of Board members appointed by the president of the Board and given the authority to act for the Board.  The Board or the Board’s committee will hear the student’s appeal in closed session and will notify the student of its decision.

The A+ Coordinator will act as facilitator and a non-voting member of the A+ Citizenship Appeals Committee unless the decision results in a tie vote.  After the A+ Citizenship Appeals Committee reaches a decision, the A+ Schools Coordinator will notify the parents.  If the appeal decision is not acceptable to the parent, additional appeals must be in writing to the Superintendent and then to the Board of Education.

I have read and understand the A+ Schools Program Citizenship Guidelines as stated above and in the Program guidelines and requirements.

This agreement must be on file to complete student’s enrollment in the A+ Schools Program.
I have read, understand, and agree to the A+ Program Citizenship Agreement requirements listed above. *
By typing your name in the box below and submitting the form, you signify that you have read and understand the A+ Program Citizenship Agreement.
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