Application Form- Global Acceleration Program - GAP NUST (2nd Cohort)

Global Acceleration Program - NUST - is a pioneering acceleration program sponsored by the U.S. Department of State that aims to help post-revenue Pakistani startups scale up globally.

The program will immerse Pakistan’s finest post-revenue product focused startups in the high tech clusters of Silicon Valley for three months, validate their products in the US market and then seek seed/venture funding for them.

Applicants must:
- have a product focused tech startup;
- be solving a large problem translating into a large, global business opportunity, especially
focused on the US market;
- have proven initial traction in the form of revenue from the product;
- be ready to enter the US market and pitch to US investors.

For details, please visit:

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What is the name of your startup? *
e.g. Dropbox
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List the names of all founders: *
e.g. Tony Stark, Thor Odinson and Bruce Banner
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Describe the problem your startup is solving. How big is the market opportunity in terms of TAM and your target market share? *
Dropbox example: Most small teams have the following needs: (1) team members need their important files in front of them wherever they are, (2) everyone needs to be working on the latest version of a given file, and (3) team data needs to be protected from being lost. There are sync tools, there are backup tools, and there are web uploading/publishing tools, but there's no good integrated solution. The total addressable market (TAM) is the $210 billion global cloud computing market. Our target market is the 600 million knowledge workers in the world having a revenue potential of $50 billion from cloud-based or on-premises offerings that enable individuals to synchronize and share files across mobile devices and PCs.
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Describe your product and its value proposition: *
Continuing the "Dropbox" example: Dropbox synchronizes files across your computers. It's much better than uploading or email, because it's automatic, integrated into Windows, and fits into the way you already work. There's also a web interface, and the files are securely backed up. It takes concepts that are proven winners (version control, changelogs/trac, rsync, etc.) and puts them in a package that anyone can figure out.
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What is your business model? (How do you make money?) *
Continuing the "Dropbox" example: A freemium approach, where we give away free 2GB accounts and charge for additional storage. Small/medium businesses already pay for solutions that are subsets of what Dropbox does and are more difficult to use. There will be tiered pricing for business accounts: upper tiers will retain more older versions of documents, have more security options, and an 'enterprise' version that features a significantly higher price.
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Who are your competitors? *
Continuing the "Dropbox" example: In most cases, what we’re really competing with is old technology: shared drives that were installed 10 years ago that are locally administered by an over-worked IT department and may or may not work or fall down on the weekend. Google Drive is a competitor. Carbonite and Mozy provide hassle-free backup, and a move into syncronization would make sense. There are apps like Omnidrive and Titanize but the implementations have bad user interfaces.
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Do you have a working product? *
E.g. "Yes"
If you chose "yes" above, how many customers do you have?
E.g. 300 paying users.
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How long have you been in business? *
E.g. 2 years or more.
How much monthly revenue are you generating? *
E.g. $12,000
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How much revenue are you generating exclusively from the sale of - or subscription to - your product? *
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How much funding is currently available to you? *
E.g. $90,000
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What is the source of that funding and at what valuation? *
E.g. Raised $150,000 in seed funding at valuation of $1mn
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How much funding do you plan to raise in the next 18 months? *
E.g. $500k in seed funding
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Please provide founders’ backgrounds, areas of expertise, achievements and motivation: *
E.g. The CEO is a NUST-SEECS Software Engineering grad and has founded two fintech startups. She has been programming since age 6 and is passionate about building creative, scalable solutions to challenging problems. The CFO is a LUMS business graduate (gold medallist) with 7 years experience in the telecom sector, where she spearheaded several international alliances.
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What percent of the startup does each founder own?
E.g. 50-50
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How many employees do you have? *
E.g. team of 7 designers, developers and sales staff
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Have you registered as a company? *
E.g. Yes
What do you aim to gain from immersion in the Silicon Valley ecosystem for three months? *
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