4488 Team Application 2020 - Must be filled out by Parent/Guardian with the Student
Your student is applying to become a member of a FIRST Robotics Team. FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) was founded by Dean Kamen, President and owner of DEKA Research and Development Corporation. The robotics competition is a multinational event where high school students and professionals solve an engineering design problem in an intense and interactive learning environment.

"FIRST redefines winning for these students. Teams are rewarded for excellence in design, demonstrated team spirit, gracious professionalism and maturity, and ability to overcome obstacles. Scoring the most points is a secondary goal. Winning means building partnerships that last." usfirst.org

It is not only about building the robot. The robot is only a vehicle for a learning experience that lasts a lifetime. We are exposed to and practice the concept of “Gracious Professionalism”. A key aspect of the success of any team is teamwork. It goes beyond the group of students because it integrates mentors from the hi-tech industries, parents, and sponsors, all working together. This is a volunteer-based program and runs after school and on weekends.

Once all applications are evaluated the students will receive an email from the coach.

Roll Shockwave!

Head Coach Willie
Williane Tenca - williane@glencoerobotics.com
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Team Communication
We will add the parents/guardians' emails to our Parent Google Group. This will allow us to send parent-related communications as needed. If possible, please consider giving us a Gmail email address. You may forward your Gmail to any other email you prefer, but Gmail allows you to participate in chats with other parents during the season.
Team Application Checklist
This list is to help you keep track of items needed. Please give checks to Coach Willie, Mentor Evie.
Checklist - Deadline for fees and docs: Nov 20th
How Parents /Guardians can Help
It takes many people to be able to run an award wining team. Parents are not required to help, but very much appreciated. Your child will benefit from any help parents can give.
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Parent 1/ Guardian 1 would like to help (select all that apply)
Parent 2 /Guardian 2 Name and Email - if applicable
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Parent 2 / Guardian 2 would like to help (select all that apply)
Coordination Positions Open for 2020 and training for 2021 (volunteers will receive training and work with others)
Name of the person (s) applying for the Coordination position(s) and position(s) preferred
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Parent(s) / Guardian(s) - Employer(s) / Title(s) (optional). Sometimes we need a contact in a company or have a question that you may be able to answer. Shockwave is much more than building robots.
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