Fayson Lakes Association - Guardian Strip Modification Request
The Fayson Lakes "guardian strip" is the 20-25 foot strip of land bordering all 3 of our lakes (West Lake, East Lake, and South Lake).  With just a few exceptions, all lakefront properties in Fayson Lakes have a guardian strip.

The Fayson Lakes Association has legal possession of and control over the guardian strip.  All requests to make modifications to the guardian strip - including tree removal - must be submitted to the Board of Trustees using the below form, so that it can be reviewed and a decision communicated by the Board BEFORE any work is initiated.

The Guardian Strip Trustee will acknowledge receipt of your request within 48 hours of submission and will follow-up to request any additional information or clarification required to make a decision and/or determine next steps.

In submitting modification requests, please note the following:
- No docks, retaining walls, or personal beaches are allowed on the guardian strip.
- The guardian strip must not be blocked off by any debris or fencing.

The Board of Trustees periodically inspects the guardian strip for any violations, and records pertaining to the approval or denial of modification requests are being filed and retained for reference purposes.

Modifications made to the guardian strip without the express written approval of the Board of Trustees may need to be reverted, at the expense of the initiating resident, at the discretion of the Board of Trustees.  

Further, the removal of any trees from the guardian strip without approval from the Board of Trustees, or without a valid permit from the Borough of Kinnelon, may subject the adjacent property owner to financial penalties, as well as expenses to purchase and install replacement trees, as described by sections § 186-13 and § 186-14 of the Tree Removal Ordinance of the Borough of Kinnelon: https://ecode360.com/10290482.

Please contact the Guardian Strip Trustee listed on the Fayson Lakes Association website (http://www.faysonlakes.org/contact) if you have any questions.

Thank you!

The Board of Trustees, Fayson Lakes Association
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Modification Guidance
- Activities intended to prevent the erosion of soil and loss of trees and other plantings along the shoreline.
- This could include the installation of rocks and other fill materials in the water or at the shoreline.
*SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION REQUIRED:  Detailed description of activities to be performed and materials to be used, with sample photo(s) and/or diagram.

- Installation of wire fencing to prevent geese from entering property and/or to address a specific safety concern.
- Fence MUST NOT be a "permanent" structure (e.g., no embedded footings) and MUST permit member access.
*SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION REQUIRED:  Specifications of desired fence, including height, width, and type, with sample photo(s).

- Activities involving the installation of mulch, rocks, trees, or other plantings on the Guardian Strip.
- ONLY rock indigenous to the area may be used.  No other retaining material will be approved.
- ONLY trees and other plantings indigenous to the area may be used.
- Fill material MUST be soil.
- Disturbed grass surface areas on the Guardian Strip must have Grass seed replanted.
- Trees and other plantings MUST NOT be disturbed, unless documentation of Board approval is provided.
*SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION REQUIRED:  Detailed description of activities to be performed and materials to be used, with sample photo(s) and/or diagram.

- Performing the removal of dead, dying, diseased, or otherwise hazardous trees on the Guardian Strip.
- This activity also requires the adjacent property owner to obtain a permit or placard from the Borough of Kinnelon.
- Please see Borough Tree Removal Ordinance for more information: https://ecode360.com/10290482.
*SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION REQUIRED:  Justification for removal with photo of tree to be removed.
Desired Guardian Strip Modification(s) *
Please see above for detailed guidance on each of the below categories, then select from one or more of the below options (or enter your own).
Modification Details *
Please provide more information about the modification being requested. Describe the work that you want to perform, and what you are looking to achieve.
Desired Modification Date / Time Frame *
Please enter a target date or time frame for when you would like to complete this modification.
Supplementary Information
Please send any supplementary photos, diagrams, or other documents to the Guardian Strip Trustee listed on the Fayson Lakes Association website (http://www.faysonlakes.org/contact) that may be helpful in explaining the desired modification.
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