COVID-19 Collection
Help The Fenton History Center document and preserve the impact of the COVID-19 Carona Virus pandemic on Jamestown and Chautauqua County. Contact information collected will not be shared, and will only be used if we need to contact you for more details or permission for preservation. Contact Information is required, all other questions are optional.
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How many other people are in your household, and what are their ages?
Has the COVID-19 Pandemic left you or a family member out of work or changed the way you work? If yes, please explain.
If you are classified as an "essential worker" what is your job?
How has the pandemic changed your daily routine?
Has the Pandemic increased your internet usage for shopping and/or other activities? and in what ways?
What items have you been unable to find in stores since the pandemic?
What stores have you found to be the most reliable to get what you needed?
What items did you or your household stock up on at the beginning of the restrictions?
What changes have been most upsetting or troublesome to your everyday life?
Has this pandemic caused you or your family financial hardship?
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If you could have known about the pandemic 3 months ahead of time, what would you have changed?
What do you think about the local, state and federal response to this Pandemic?
Have you been keeping a daily log, journal or diary of this time for future generations?
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Is there anything else that you would like to share about the pandemic with the Fenton for future generations?
Do you grant the Fenton History Center permission to save and share your answers in the future? *
Do you wish to be contacted by a Fenton History Center Staff Member to give more details or answer any additional questions? *
Photo Collecting
If you have photos, videos or text documents you feel represent the COVID-19 Pandemic, please email them to us at 
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