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Thank you for being part of Gather! This is YOUR organization, built by and for people who work in engaged journalism in some capacity. We'd like to check in to see how well we're serving you.

As we decide how to allocate our resources, it's important that we know which parts of Gather you find most useful and how we could make them even better. We're also eager to learn more about who you are, so we can identify who we're serving well and who we haven't reached yet. Whether you're a dedicated superuser or an infrequent engager, your perspective is valuable to us.

We'll use what we learn here to build up the services and content you find most useful and change or abandon the ones you don't. We'll also use it to plan and target our future industry outreach.

Thank you for taking a few minutes to help us improve. With any questions, email community manager Joy Mayer at or executive director Andrew DeVigal at

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The Gather platform, with its database of case studies, people, job listings and other resources
Gather's Slack workspace
Gather's weekly community newsletter, sent on Wednesday mornings
The weekly Gather Reads Nuzzel aggregation, sent on Friday mornings
Gather's "lightning chats," which are video chats held 1-2 times per month
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