Camp Canary 2020 - Registration
With submission of this form you are registering for Camp Canary 2020 with a deposit. This registration needs to be finalized by a booking at a later stage, starting October 1st.

- For now you will receive a mail receipt and a payment request with seperate mail, containing payment details for your 200€ registration deposit.

- You need to pay the deposit within 7 days of receiving the payment request.
- Registrations without payment within the given time period are not counting as valid registrations.

- If you register with deposit before August 1st your course fee will be 390€ - that’s a saving of 40€

The course fee for registrations after 1st August rises to 430€

1st October 2019 regular booking starts and we will get in touch with more detailed information on the camp. This will be the time when you should check for good flights!

In the meantime watch out for our registration indicator on the site!

We need 50 confirmed participants by September 30th, so we can declare that Camp Canary 2020 will definitely happen
If we fall short of 50 participants by September 30th, your deposit will be returned to you – we will not spend it!!

In case you are cancelling in advance and do not complete the booking your deposit will not be refunded.

Please also read our full terms and conditions here:
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