Pep Band Scholarship Audition Form
Fill out this form if you are auditioning for a Pep Band Scholarship. ***Remember that scholarship positions are available only to students who have already completed at least one season in the Pep Band. In other words, freshmen and new members are not eligible to audition for a Pep Band Scholarship.***
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Instrument *
Choose your primary instrument. This should be the instrument on which you're playing your audition.
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The numbers 1-3 are only for sorting purposes in the spreadsheet that is created through this form.
For which scholarship position would you like to audition? *
Check all scholarships for which you are interested in auditioning. Please note that, in order to earn one of the section leader scholarships, you must play an instrument from that section. For example, to audition for the Brass Section Leader scholarship, you must play a brass instrument. Each scholarship is worth $350 and requires the recipient to perform certain duties to help run the Pep Band - see the Pep Band website ( for more details about these duties. Those auditioning for a scholarship will perform an scholarship audition (see "Auditions" on the Pep Band website for further details) and will also submit a brief personal statement (see below).
Personal Statement for Scholarship *
Please write a brief paragraph describing why you think you would be a good choice to receive the scholarship(s) you chose above. You should review the duties associated with each scholarship on the Pep Band website ( in order to write a compelling statement.
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