Call for Installation Art
Comfort & Joy - Art Fund Committee - Playa in the Grove / Glow in the Streets
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Call for Art
Comfort & Joy is a volunteer-driven community non-profit where our members donate their time and skills in order to further our values. One such value is to foster and promote art; another is creating welcoming spaces, and yet another is nurturing community - this Call for Art offers artists and designers the unique opportunity to create for once-off special outdoors events.

Proposals need to be self-supporting installations or require only a "light use" of the trees, rock walls, redwood forest paths and grass that make up the Grove or the lamp posts, bike racks or other infrastructure available in the Streets. In addition, thought should be given to how projects can be used again at other events or at the Burn.

We are not able to store and transport your art. You will remain the owner of the piece, and unless otherwise proposed and agreed to you will have to provide for its transportation to the event, its setup there, as well as disassembly and transportation back to your storage space.
About C&Js Art Fund
We raise much of our revenue through our community fundraising activities. We try to always act as responsible stewards with the group’s financial resources. The funds that the group has available to support local art are limited in their amount and we strive to assist as many artists as we can.

Because of these factors, we very seldom spend large amounts of money for the art that Comfort and Joy purchases.

We are most interested in artwork that adds to the ambience that we create at our events, as well as hopefully fosters the core values of C&J:
Core Values
• Welcoming
• Self-Actualization
• Sex-Positive
• Creativity
• Inspiration
• Community
• Art
• Queer Expression
• Creating Joy
• Service
Selection Criteria
Projects will be prioritized which successfully:

• Reflect the core values
• Provide ease of assembly and disassembly, moving and storage.
• Prove resilient; be durable, a piece that can be disassembled in a box or flat packed for transport to parties and the Playa.
• Can be used more than once, such as at our parties (Touch/Afterglow/others), Playa in the Grove, and our Burning Man village
• Engage the community with Interactivity/Immediacy
• Sport fluorescent colors or black light reactive accents
• Can be made photo-ready or records well for future presentation

The more of these guidelines that your proposal meets, the more likely it is to be approved for funding.
Submissions are due via submission of this form, and will be reviewed in the order in which they are received until there is no budget left. Your submission must include:
• Price (one number which includes all needed to procure + assemble materials, transport the art to and set it up in time for the event, then disassemble and take it back home after),
• Description (what, how, why, and who you are).
• Image or two to help us understand (pastel on napkin sketches and finger paint on macrame are fully encouraged).

As mentioned, submissions will be reviewed at Art Fund Committee meetings in the order in which we receive them; to assure there are funds left for your creation apply early!
Want to Contribute?
If you have your Price, Project Descriptions and Image ready to go, click "NEXT below to enter the submission form.
(Header Image above: “All That Glitters is Gold” by Bernadette Bohan - photo by Jay Austin / CC)
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