Apply for the position of CEO of Atal Incubation Centre at Gujarat University

Use this application form to apply for the role of the CEO of Atal Incubation Centre at Gujarat University. Please find more details about this application procedure at: Applications will be accepted until 11:59 PM (2359 hrs) IST on March 24, 2019.

Besides basic information about you, your work and education details, you will also require the following to complete this application:

1) A statement of purpose, in approximately 500 to 700 words (3000-4000 characters), which explains your motivation to apply for this role.

2) An outline of proposed strategy, in approximately 300 to 500 words (2000 to 3000 characters), which elaborates on what your broad strategy will be to launch the social-sector focussed Atal Incubation Centre at Gujarat University.

3) A note highlighting your broad understanding on Gujarat's startup ecosystem, its key stakeholders and the ecosystem's strengths and weaknesses, in approximately 300 to 500 words (2000 to 3000 characters).

4) A PDF copy of your resume.

5) A scanned copy of a govt-issued photo identification document. Any one out of Aadhar, driving license, voter ID card, or first and last two pages of your passport.

6) You may also, OPTIONALLY, attach a brief deck - not longer than 10 slides - on what your strategy shall be as the CEO of this Atal Incubation Centre.

Please fill this form carefully and diligently. Information that you submit in this form, along with the level of articulation and preciseness, and the accuracy of the information you submit, will contribute significantly towards the Committee's decision to shortlist your application. Any application with incomplete or inaccurate information will be rejected. Please ensure you have documentary evidence of all the information that you submit, which you may have to make available for our due-diligence.

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