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In emergencies please contact us at or via text 818.850.3217
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We look forward to working with you to make your sets safer. We are passionate about production safety in changing times, staying current on new developments in health and safety to improve the efficacy of production processes using best practices. We help identify risks that would apply to all stages of business, including but not limited to prep, shoot, post-production editorial and wrap.

Our ability to anticipate on-set needs sets us apart. Combining over two decades of medical and global production expertise to prevent exposure issues and provide risk management for film, TV and live events. We offer a solutions-based approach with medically approved protocols.

We comply with the latest guidelines and directives partnering with reliable providers of PPE, set safety and FDA EUA testing partners. We offer clear protocols that comply with all guidelines. In the event of a positive test, our emergency response plans provide support, guidance and containment measures. We work with you to keep your production as safe as possible with the well-being of your team and the success of your production at the forefront.

PROTECT YOUR SET will gladly provide the Health and Safety Unit dedicated to the execution of COVID protocols specific to your production.

COVID-19 Compliance Officers undergo specialized training on health and safety precautions, policies and procedures related to infection prevention practices including COVID-19 prevention, disinfection and PPE. They oversee and monitoring physical distancing, testing, symptom monitoring, disinfecting protocols, and PPE education, protocols and adherence to COVID policy on set.

We are women owned and value an inclusive company ethos. We are proud of our diverse team of production safety specialists.
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