Soup of Success Pre-application/Questionnaire
Please fill out application in full and we will contact you for an interview for the next class. Elkhart County women ages 21 and up only)
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Are you a woman who is at least 21 years old?
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Where did you hear about the Soup of Success program?
Who referred you to this program (if anyone?)
Why are you interested in Soup of Success and what do you hope to gain as a result of your participation in the program?
Have you applied for Soup of Success before? *
What kind of challenges are you facing right now and what kind of support would be most helpful?
Have you had any experiences with being a member of a group? What was that like for you? 
What are your educational/job interests and goals?
What are your other current hopes and goals for yourself?
What motivates you?
What is currently causing you the most stress?
What do you need most right now to move forward?
Anything else you would like us to know?
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