Request a Letter of Rec from Matt Cover
Please complete this form to request a letter of recommendation. I will try to email you within 48 hours to let you know if I can write the letter, and any follow up questions. Please follow up with me with an email if you don't hear back from me in a week after submitting this form.

I generally ask for 3 weeks of advance notice before a letter is due. If a deadline is closer than that, please still submit the information using this form, and I'll let you know if I can complete it before the deadline.

I generally don't provide people with copies of the letters that I write; they are private and are shared directly with the program that requires it.

If you need multiple letters, please list all of the programs, websites, and contact info- just number each program.

If any of the questions don't apply, please skip them- just provide what info you have.

The more details you can provide regarding specific experiences, class activities, and accomplishments, the better the letter that I can write. Tell me what you are most proud of and what you most remember. Please don't worry about providing too much information or too much detail- it is all useful!
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Stan State Student ID# (if applicable)
How long have we known each other? When did we first meet, and in what capacity?
Classes where we interacted: include class name, semester and year, and your final letter grade.
From these classes, please write about two or three experiences that stick with you from the class, and examples of the specific assignments or projects you worked on.
Research experiences, or other co-curricular activities (workshops, clubs, advising) where we interacted. Please describe why these experiences were meaningful, and what lasting memories you have.
What are you applying for? List the specific program, scholarship, school, etc.
Website for program/scholarship/etc. you are applying for.
When would you like the letter to be submitted by?
What is the absolute deadline for submitting the letter?
Who should the letter be addressed to? (if known)
How does the letter get submitted? If it needs to be emailed or snail mailed, include the address here. If I will get an automated email, mention that.
Please copy and paste your personal statement essay, or write a paragraph or so that describes how this opportunity fits into your academic and career plans and goals.
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