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Background information for the Get Your GreenBack Home Energy Advising program to help us serve you better
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In addition, which of the following things are you doing or would you like to do? *
These are key actions that can significantly help reduce your energy costs and carbon emissions
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Completely insulated and sealed the whole home
Installed solar panels or solar hot water
Heat with wood or wood pellets
Heat with heat pumps (air-source or ground-source, i.e. "geothermal")
Drive an electric vehicle or hybrid
OPTIONAL: Which of these other things are you doing or interested in doing?
These are other actions that you might be interested in that can also help you "get your greenback"
Am doing/have done
Would like to do
Not interested right now
Walk for transportation
Bike for transportation
Ride the bus
Use Ithaca Carshare
Recycle at home
Compost at home
Shop at secondhand stores
Grow some of your own food at home
Participate in a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)
Hunt & Fish
What do you heat your home with?
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Your monthly electric and heating bills are, on average...
Most of your lightbulbs are...
You are most motivated by...
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