The Cyborg Tinkerer: Street Team Application
Thank you for your interest in THE CYBORG TINKERER street team!

Do you have a YouTube channel, podcast, blog, or social media following? Do you want to help promote the release of THE CYBORG TINKERER while winning some awesome prizes? If so, fill out the form below!

A few housekeeping things:
• You must be 18 or older to join.
• There is limited space available. Therefore, not all who apply will be accepted.
• The street team will be hosted on Discord. You must have access to Discord and/or be willing to create a free Discord account.

To learn more about THE CYBORG TINKERER, please visit:

TRIGGER WARNING: This novel contains graphic violence, sexual content, inappropriate language, and references to eating disorders. Reader discretion is advised.

***If you feel you would be triggered by any of the above, please do not complete this form.***
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