Yagam Coffee is Agroforestry shade-grown Arabica coffee, systemically planted by indigenous farmers living in the highlands of the Cordillera, Philippines. It has a mild sweetness and balanced flavor which makes it easy for anyone to drink.
Please compare and enjoy the subtle differences in the taste and aroma of our Single Origin Arabica, always freshly roasted in small batches. Drip bags and Sample Sets are also offered for the trial.
Please inquire to Kapi Tako Social Enterprise (kapitako.cordi@gmail.com).

Prices of the products do not include the shipping cost.
Please fill up the blank of the questions below and submit it to us.
We will reply and confirm the order by email as soon as possible.

We can supply also varieties of green beans. Please inquiry us directly.

Inquiry: Kapi Tako Social Enterprise Inc.
#25 J.Felipe Street, Lualhati, Baguio City, Philippines
+63 977 705 7831
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【Manila by LBC】
~ 1 Kg 200 Php
1.1 - 3 Kg 310 Php
3.1 -5 Kg 595 Php

【Visaya by LBC】
~1Kg 370 Php
Additional per Kilo 70Php

【Inside Baguio City】
100 Php

【Luzon by J&T】
~0g - 500g 85 Php
500g - 1kg 155 Php

【Visayas by J&T】
~0g - 500g 100 Php
500g - 1kg 180 Php

【Mindanao by J&T】
~0g - 500g 105 Php
500g - 1kg 195 Php

Box Rates (Depending on size) : 30 Php - 80 Php

We can also ship to abroad by EMS or Courier.
Please inquire to
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