IMEA All-State Chaperone Application
IMEA needs parents and directors to be Chaperones! Your hotel room and meals are paid for by IMEA. Your responsibility is to monitor students when they are at the hotel, assist in supervision at some of the rehearsals and at the Host Night Concert and supervise students during the Fun Night and Gala Concert. Directors who wish to chaperone will be given time to attend conference sessions. If you wish to apply to be a chaperone, fill out and submit this form. The deadline is December 8, 2017. You will be notified by January 12, 2017 whether you have been selected, or not. Preference will be given to chaperones and directors who are traveling long distances.

We are in need of some couples this year to accommodate limited housing options (i.e. rooms with only 1 King bed).

Chaperones are agents of the Idaho Music Educators Association and are expected to serve in the following capacity:
• Attend the chaperone meeting on Wednesday, January 31, 2018 @ 6:00 P.M.
• Be in the hotel each night no later than 10:15 P.M.
• Check assigned student rooms beginning @ 10:30 P.M.
• Report any students who are absent to the appropriate head chaperone.
• Help students get to breakfast and to be on time for the buses.
• Be available during the honor group rehearsals (primarily parents.)
• Help supervise students at the Host Night Concert.
• Help supervise students at the Activity Night.
• Help with supervision of students during the dress rehearsals.
• Supervise students during the Gala Concerts.
• Report problems of any kind to the appropriate honor group chair.
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