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Thanks for opening this Google Form. We are sure you have an interesting question in mind and that it will be very useful when the time of the Airckathon will come.

Quick reminder : a hackathon, derived from the words “hack” and “marathon”, is an event during which several groups will have to code over a short period of time (usually over a week-end) on a specific subject using available data.

Our hackathon, called the Airckathon, will be about a current problematic that involved everyone of us : the general conditions of the air.

Use the field down below to write your question. You're allowed to ask more than one so don't hesitate to write several of them !

Also, we ask personal information such as names and email adress in order to contact you in case your question will be ultimately used for the Airckathon. Your email adress will not be used for further purposes, but it's not mandatory to give it. If you prefer not to give it for privacy reason, you have the right and you are still able to ask your question(s).

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