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At Why Indian Men Rape's Pass the Mic blog, we encourage survivors of sexual violence to talk to us.

For those at one end of the spectrum, still grappling and guilt and self-blame—the Why Indian Men Rape team is here if you just want to share in private.

Are you ready and willing to share your story with a supportive community—anonymously, in text form or on video? Or, do you know someone who has faced sexual violence but does not have internet access or is linguistically challenged?

We'll help tell these stories, with a generous dose of TLC. Because, you are not a statistic.

Fill up this form, or contact us at

Big hugs from us!

Disclaimer: Why Indian Men Rape is committed to the privacy, as well as the physical, emotional and mental health of the individuals who wish to join this safe space. ALL DETAILS ARE KEPT 100% CONFIDENTIAL, until you explicitly wish to publicise all or parts of your story. We'll contact you via email to take things forward.

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