Middletown Outreach Department Community Activity Survey
The newly created Outreach Department is looking for community input and involvement. Please share your thoughts. 

Outreach Department Mission:
To support the efforts and meet the needs of all community members by delivering enrichment, guidance, and wellness opportunities.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more contact Lori Turner, Healthy Communities Coordinator, 842-6599 or lturner@middletownri.com.

If cost wasn't an issue, what sports or afterschool enrichment activities would you be interested in having your child/children attend? Please include child's age. *
What free events or activities would you/your family be interested in attending in town? *
Are any of the following barriers to attending school or town events? *
As a parent, are there any presentation topics or groups you would be interested in attending to support your kids/family/self? *
Please share any additional ideas on ways the Outreach Department can support community members. *
if you would like to be contacted or get involved, please share your name, phone number, and email.
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