MPFA - the Mendocino Part-time Faculty Union
  • This is a priority-identifying survey for the Mendocino College Part-Time Faculty Association Exec Board. 
  • All answers will be anonymizedWe collect your email and name only to keep track of who has participated.
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  • All part-time faculty, counselors and library staff at Mendocino College are invited to complete the survey. You do not have to be an active (dues-paying) member.
We in the Mendocino College Part Time Faculty Association (your union - MPFA) work during the year to help make changes that improve your work experience and the experience for students. Currently, we do not have 100% PT faculty membership in our union; our membership stands at a 34% ratio of 65 active/192 non members. There is power in numbers -- such as when we negotiated for the recent 6+% COLA, we were aligned with the other two campus unions. 

To continue to effectively advocate for you, it is crucial that we achieve  a higher level of representation.

Even if you do not join MPFA as an active member, please let your voice be heard!

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Here are some ways you could help our union (MPFA) --now or in the future.

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