Bremen City Schools Technology Equipment Receipt & Use Agreement
Please read the following contract and indicate your acceptance of the terms listed.

1. I acknowledge receipt of all equipment, associated hardware and software. I also understand they are and will remain the property of the Bremen City Schools Board of Education.

2. I understand I may not make copies of or loan the software on this equipment, nor may I install any software unless approved by a member of the Technology Department staff.

3. I understand I am the only person authorized to use this equipment and associated hardware and software and will not allow any other person to borrow or use this equipment. I understand that if a student has need of technology equipment I must immediately request such from the Technology Department that is approved for student use.

4. I understand I must immediately report loss or suspected theft of the equipment to my administrator, the Technology Department, and in the event of theft, the local police. If the equipment is stolen, I understand I will be required to file a police report and provide a copy to the Technology Department.

5. I understand I am financially responsible if the equipment is lost or if the equipment receives any damage that is not covered by warranty, or deemed as acceptable or normal wear and tear.

6. I understand I must immediately notify the Technology Department if the equipment has been infected by malware, spyware or viruses or requires any other type of service or repair.

7. I understand the equipment is identified as a school system asset and is identified as such on any data network; I agree to accept personal responsibility and liability for any and all communication originating from this equipment.

8. I understand the equipment and all associated hardware must be immediately returned upon resignation, retirement, suspension or termination of employment for any reason, or at the request of my administrator or the Technology Department.

9. I understand it is my responsibility to comply with federal, state, local and district policies for acceptable use, security, storage and care of the equipment.

I agree and understand the contract above:

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