Dedicated Desk, Micro Office, Micro Studio Application
Completing this application is your first step toward potentially claiming a Dedicated Desk, Micro Office, or Micro Studio at Yukonstruct!

Yukonstruct uses this application to determine who moves into an office, studio, or dedicated desk as they become available. Wait times vary from as short as a week for a Dedicated Desk to several years for our larger offices. If you are eligible, you will be contacted as there are openings. Staff also send an email 2-4 times a year to ensure the waitlist is up to date. These emails require a reply to remain on the list.

How does Yukonstruct decide who is offered available space?

The date of you application is one factor which contributes to your likelihood of getting one of these in-demand resources. We will weight applications based on the fit of the applicant, the type and size of your business, and how you might already engage with the Yukonstruct community (or want to engage with our community in the future!). We are a non-profit that is guided by our mandate and mission to help support makers, entrepreneurs, and start ups. As such, we give preferential treatment to entrepreneurs, makers, growing businesses and those interested in supporting these groups.

We may request an in person meeting prior to approval.

PS. Did you know that we ALWAYS have monthly hotdesking at Cospace and monthly memberships at Makespace available? Learn more here about monthly Cospace memberships: and learn more here about monthly Makespace memberships:
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